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. I’ll try to get an actual post up soon. Keep cool, my babies.
sad little phone, so hopefully i can keep you up to date more often

back from the dead!

Hey all, just set up post by text on my

Whoops, there went February

So I definitely meant to post before like... midnight on the 28th, but here we are. Status:

- Done with Algebra II teaching
- Barely working at Chico's. This week I'm scheduled for 3.5 hours. SERIOUSLY.
- Got a bitchin' Federal tax refund. Still have to file Louisiana and Ohio state & local taxes. Bitches!
- Still searching for a full-time job. If you know anyone looking for an architecture intern, I am their lady.

Bad newstimes, flist.

My Auntie Vi passed away last Thursday, so Mum and I are flying down to New
Orleans for the funeral this Friday evening, and then flying back Sunday
night so I can be here for Monday & Tuesday's classes. Luckily my cousin
helped us pay, or there'd be no way we could afford to go.

I'm not good with funerals. I refuse to view the body because I prefer to
remember the person as they were when they were still with us. This is only
going to cause some awesome family drama, let me tell you.


I keep forgetting to update! This is probably because I send my updates
through email now, it's easier for me to do at work without worry about
going to the actual site. I feel vaguely certain that I updated from the
site itself all of the time in high school, but that was many eons ago. BUSH
was still President then!

So I gave my first quiz... and not so good results. Half of them seem to
understand but rush through, making simple math errors. The other half just
aren't getting it. So I'll likely be spending the week going over the same
lessons, to make sure they're ready to move on to word problems involving
MORE linear functions! Yay!

Good lord the computers in the library are janky now. Maybe they were always
this janky, but my home computer was even jankier so I did not notice. Now I
have an only slightly janky laptop, and I can tell that this keyboard is
awful. The mouse isn't any better.

And now for some more gradebook updating and then LUNCH! I love eating in
the teacher's lounge, as I state often on Twitter. So much fun, sweet mercy.

Day 04: Maths!!

OK, so maths is harder than I remember. Especially fractions. The hard part
comes in when they want to know "BUT WHY?" and my clever response is "y = mx
+ b, remember??" I have to work things out in my head beforehand, so I can
answer to the best of my ability. FUNTIMES.

I haven't been on LJ all week, even to catch up with the flist. By the time
I get home I am way sleepy.

Day 01: What the What?

Initial impressions - I realized that a) I showed up WAY too early, as my
classes are the last two periods of the day, and b) I have been mixing up my
memories of high school with Glee, Gossip Girl, and other pop culture. To be
fair, this school IS in western Ohio, and one of the gym coaches could be
Sue Sylvester's good twin.

So not only am I here today, I have to go to Chico's tonight from 5 to 10.
I'm telling my supervisor I can't work during the weekdays for the rest of
January. Even if I don't get here at the start of school (8:25AM) there's no
way I'll have enough time to get to Westlake in bad weather. I'm already
worried about today - it is snowing like the Snowpocalypse up in here.

Also I just started thinking about taxes (I are an adult), and realized I
have to file in Louisiana, Ohio and federally. WHAT. I'll have like 4 W-2s!!
This is sick.

ALSO also I just looked at my lesson planner and realized that I had colored
in Section 01 in blue and Section 02 in purple. ENTIRELY unconsciously!
Seriously guys, this might be a sickness.

(Whoops, I meant to send this yesterday. OH WELL)


Happy Awesome Palindrome Day!

Oh, I think you know why.

well well well

I don't know what hoodoo trickery you pulled flist, but somehow I have
become the long-term sub for 10th grade Algebra 2! I'm not too happy about
why I'm subbing (the teacher's daughter has a tumor in her leg; this is made
worse by the fact that I went to HS with her and was good friends with her
for years), but I AM glad to have this opportunity. When I first spoke to
the principal back in August about subbing in the Upper School he told me
they rarely had subs, and helped me get set up subbing in the Middle School
instead. He Facebooked me (this was super hysterical in and of itself) to
ask if I'd be interested, and I met with the teacher today to get everything
set up. I start on Monday!!

I am super scared but also excited. I'm used to intimidating the Middle
Schoolers with my height (in heels) and dead-eyed stare, but 10th graders
are taller than I am! I do not care for this. One bit.

Well, I'm watching the Pride and Prejudice with Hot Mr. Darcy (Matthew
Macfayden) and he's just getting to the part where he's all wet and hot.
Ciao, bellas.


Hearts are delicious! Duo agrees.
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