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the wakeful dreamer
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jade_sage is actually a 24 year old human named Amber. Sometimes she pretends that she is a book reviewer, and speaks about herself in the third person. Once found in Tulane Unversity's Architecture studios, she is now trying to find a job and is usually tired and cranky beyond all belief. And not a little crazy.

Her hobbies include knitting, reading, sleeping, playing the flute and generally galavanting around and making a mess of things. There is never enough time to do any of these, as the job hunt consumes her very soul.

This is a drama-free friending zone! If you'd like to friend jade_sage it'd be nice if you dropped a comment (and perhaps a reason why, her paranoia tends to flare up every now and then), but there's really no need. Defriending can be done in a discreet and quick fashion, she promises not to call you out on it. :D

Things jade_sage is:
- pretty much awful
- constantly talking about herself
- kinda boring, to be honest
- listening to her iPod (Deathscythe Hell)
- a hipster in denial, but never a toastermusic kid
- a Master of Architorture from Tulane University
- currently living in someone's spare bedroom
- a devious gentlemanly devil bear
- a perv
- laughing to herself
- shuffling along, singing quietly underneath her breath
- ridiculous girl
- probably crazy
- wearing clunky shoes
- going against the grain, going insane, going mad
- fond of lists


"Motto" by Langston Hughes
I stay cool, and dig all jive,
That's the way I stay alive.
My motto, as I live and learn, is
Dig and be dug, in return.


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This space is not public, and any employers, educators, or other professional relations of the author who attempt to make it so do so explicitly against her wishes. There are other, less private forms of contact with the author; her email account may be found above.
Heck yeah, I stole that from cranalios!!

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